Blocked Drains Bispham


Blocked Drains Bispham





Date: December, 2023

Brief Description of the job: 

That’s the vehicles cleaned from top to bottom.

All the salt is gone and antifreeze so we can hit the road early

Please remember we do not charge a fortune to unblock drains no one should be paying 3/4/5/6/7/800 pounds for this service.

We are a small familyrun business with commercial premises to store and maintain our vehicles to the highest of standards.

We work tirelessly around the clock to help our customers relax in the fact a professional company is going to attend and resolve their problems (whatever they may be) within the first visit where possible.

Last month a contractor who we had completed a large amount of work for put their company into administration which means we get zero yet all the wages full insurance qualification equipment still have to be paid for.

We’re human too!

If you are anything be kind make a brew and smile while we crack on.

As ever if you need us our number is 0759 158 2097

Or you can check us out on the Web at

Have a lovely evening all.

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