Drainage Unblocking Preston

Blocked Drains Preston


Drainage Unblocking Preston




Preston, Lancashire


April, 2021

Brief Description of the job:

We recently attended a blocked drain in Preston where the customer had no drainage facilities what so ever.. no toilet, basin or washroom facilities at all to which the customer described the issue as going back in time. We arrived onsite, located the issue and cleared the blockage all be it a tough blockage within the hour. After the system was fully clear and free flowing we popped the CCTV drain camera down the drain to try and find the cause of the issue. Which was found to be mass roots and multiple displaced joints with root ingress also… Tree roots within drainage systems are very common as the waste water is perfect nutrition for roots to grow in, in fact thrive in. Trees love waste water and so do we!! We will be back to cut the roots out and pop a couple of trenchless sleeves over the joints soon.

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