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Date: March, 2024

Brief Description of the job: 

Sewage Treatment Plants are an off-mains drainage solution for rural and semi-rural properties where a direct mains connection isn’t possible.


The previous STP was installed by another contractor who we shall not name but it must be said they charged a whopping £21,000 for a substandard and overpriced installation.


We found no base installed meaning the tank had sunk into the ground – no concrete or sub-base no granular support to any of the pipeworks and the connection was illegal meaning the discharge was not compliant with the general binding rules.

The customer reached out to us for options and accepted our quote which was a lot less than the original installation and we are happy to say the Treatment Plant won’t be going anywhere now it’s sat on and surrounded by a lot of concrete.

We just have to nip back for a couple of days to topsoil and seed the garden, within a few short weeks it will be back to looking beautiful.

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